Strikefat XL

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Based on the popular desktop string synthesizer, the Strikefat XL takes the sounds from the original unit and expands the possibilities to create new and unique sound combinations from all the voices of the original. Strikefat XL also adds a vast range of controls and effects to allow the user to sculpt and tweak their own synth string sounds with that vibe of the classic string synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s.

Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (version 5.6.8 or higher)


Strikefat XL adds many features not available on the original machine:

  • All voices can be used simultaneously.
  • Full ADSR envelopes for both voice sides (Strings/solo).
  • 2 or 4-pole low pass filter with drive, frequency and resonance. Selectable on/off for both voice sides.
  • Full control over the low pass filter via a separate ADSR envelope, an LFO and/or velocity sensitivity.
  • Manual control over the Phaser and Animate effects not available on the original.
  • 31 reverb impulses created for the Strikefat XL.
  • A wide range of added effects including Distortion, Rotator (leslie effect), Cabinet simulator, Chorus and Delay.
  • A simple but useful arpeggiator/rhythm generator.
  • Monophonic setting.
  • Chords.
  • Portamento/glide.
  • 4 band equaliser.
  • Stereo widener (or mono maker).


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